Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Ranch OFFICE?

The Ranch Office is a Texas style coworking community.  Out beautiful space is designed after a West Texas ranch, and our simple goal is to help people connect their passion to action.  Whether it's growing their small business, or getting started with a project, we provide a foundation where you can put in the hours alongside a group of like-minded Houstonians.

Where's the nearest Whataburger?

Great question, essentials first - Gessner & I-10.

What types of memberships do you offer?

We offer a range of options. Private offices come furnished with height adjustable desks, office chairs, and a filing cabinet. Flex desk memberships allow you to work from The Ranch at any available seat in the community area. Our virtual membership is our most basic membership, where you can send mail to The Ranch, receive one work day at The Ranch per month, and can book additional access to the space as needed. For more info visit our home page, or call us at (832) 742 4749.

I want to pursue my passion but I don't know where to start.  

Awesome!  Come in and let's talk through it.  Email me:   No, we won't charge a fee or push you to sign up, we love hearing this stuff and helping if we can!

Can I have more team members in my private office than is included in the membership?

Organizations that wish to provide regular use of a private office to individuals beyond the included members will be required to pay $100/mo per additional member.  Adding additional members must be approved by Ranch Office staff.

What are the charges for booking meeting rooms and using copy/printing?

If you are in a hot desk, dedicated desk, or private office membership, you will receive a certain amount of meeting room credit and black/white or color copies each month included in your membership fee. 

The rates are as follows:

  • Large meeting room: $25/hr

  • Small meeting room: $15/hr

  • Black and white copies: $0.07/page

  • Color copies: $0.45/page

Private office memberships (of all sizes) receive:

  • Meeting Room credits: $50/mo

  • Black and white copies: 100 per month

  • Color copies: 20 per month

Flex Desk memberships receive:

  • Meeting Room credits: $25/mo

  • Black and white copies: 100 per month

  • Color copies: 20 per month

What are my options for payment methods?

A credit or debit card is required on sign up.  After that, you may choose to pay membership fees with that card (card payments add a 3% transaction fee to your payment), or switch payment to ACH bank transfer.

Will I be charged a late fee if I do not pay on time?

Yes.  Monthly fees are charged on the first of the month.  If your payment is not made on or before the 10th of that month, you will be charged a late fee in the amount of 10% of the membership fee for that month.

Can I host an event at The Ranch?

Yes.  Speak to a Ranch Office staff member for more details.  Community-facing events held by members during business hours (ex. meet & greet, luncheon, training, happy hour) are encouraged and mostly do not incur event space rental fees.  Event space rental for third party or after hour events are available at a discount to members, and must be approved by Ranch Office staff.