Satellite Office Space Houston

For small businesses owners, freelancers, and entrepreneurs, coworking spaces bring a lot to the table. They offer a community style workspace, access to a local hub for work, and a flexible range of benefits that can be scaled up or down as needed. But what about people looking for those benefits in a less-than-local spot? With a growing business it can be incredibly valuable to expand into new markets and cities where you can demonstrate your products or services to a whole new crowd, but how do you get there?

At Ranch Office, we’ve got an opportunity for businesses and startups of any size to branch into Houston with our satellite office plan. With access to a physical location and a community of other professionals sharing the space, it’s an excellent chance to grow your business in a totally new market.


With flexible terms and lower rates than renting a traditional office or building a whole new location, The Ranch offers professionals a space to set up their satellite office. With a home away from home office, companies can enjoy the benefit of new hub office fitted with plenty of meeting space for remote employees or partners. Surrounded by other professionals doing the same thing, you’ll also have access to a community of entrepreneurs, business owners, and freelancers in an affordable, local environment.

If you’re not looking for a full satellite office right now, we also offer a Virtual Office plan and affordable Conference Rooms, which is a great way to get your feet wet in the Houston workspace. You can choose any of our plans without worrying about being locked into a long-term lease, as we offer a flexible system to suit your needs.


For a satellite office, location is key. One of the major benefits is gaining access to a completely new local scene. It opens the door to new clients, potential partners, and a fresh perspective on the markets in a different place. If you’re looking to access the Memorial area, the Ranch Office is located between downtown Houston and the Energy Corridor. With such a central location, it makes this satellite office a perfect place to meet with customers and bring together your local employees in one place.

As a spot for remote employees, it also lays the foundation for a much wider network of talents and services available, effectively diversifying your potential growth avenues. While you get access to a more diverse and readily available pool of workers, the more flexible and welcoming environment is ideal for people that are more comfortable working in a non-traditional environment.


More than just a marketing opportunity, coworking spaces build a sense of community and collaboration that’s hard to find in more traditional workplaces. An essential feature of Ranch Office is the way it brings together entrepreneurs, freelancers, and innovators from all different backgrounds and businesses.  

It gives you the opportunity to meet new people and generate new ideas. In an age where a successful business is driven by connectivity and diversity, what better way to give yourself a head start than working in an environment that makes that same idea of connection a core value? While your neighbor might be working in a completely different industry, there’s still a huge chance to strike up a conversation and build that relationship. That’s what Ranch Office is all about. Providing the space necessary for professionals to work and grow surrounded by others doing the exact same thing.


At The Ranch, our house is your house, and you get way more than just a workspace. Our workspace is fully outfitted with the basics for an office: conference rooms, print and copy facilities, and even fiber WiFi to keep things running smoothly. But we also offer a touch of home with an endless supply of coffee, local beers on tap to celebrate that successful pitch, and The Ranch Patio which will offer the perfect place to get some fresh air and re-energize during the day.


If you’re ready to jump into coworking or want to learn more about what we offer at The Ranch, give us a call today to talk about our plans, pricing, and perks. We can’t wait to hear from you.