Houston Office Space

The coworking scene is full of opportunity and collaborative efforts, but sometimes you want a dedicated space that isn’t fully shared. An option to get away from the noise and intra-office routine isn’t a bad choice, sometimes, and that’s why The Ranch offers a selection of private offices and plans to accommodate that exact need.

Whether your work is private in nature, or you just work better with some walls around you, we have options for that. For a lot of our members, they appreciate the option to use the shared office spaces or to have a closed off place of their own to focus.

Why Not Both?

One of the major benefits of the personal Houston office space we offer is the ability to go back and forth from your office and the open workspaces of our facilities. We offer flexible leases and lower costs than your traditional office rentals, and if you’re a solo pro, or a small team, that can be a huge benefit. You won’t be locked into a long term lease in the event that your company grows and requires more space, or if you decide to move around with your business.

As a member of our coworking community, the office space plan affords you a private and secure office space when you need it, while still providing a wide range of other opportunities available at The Ranch. Spend the day whittling away at your work, and then join the community for a networking event or a professional panel at the end of the day. You’ll also have access to all the amenities of The Ranch, from unlimited coffee to facility staff that’s always on hand to help get things sorted for you.

Not Just An Empty Box

Every office we offer is fully furnished and comes equipped with access to the most necessary office equipment. From a full workspace, including desk and chairs, to WiFi and Ethernet connection that’s ready to go when you are, we aim to provide our members with everything they need to succeed.

As part of our effort to help members achieve their goals and live better lives along the way, we’re also excited to offer height-adjustable standing desk options for people that can’t stand to sit around all day.

Small Team Office Space in Houston

Not everyone looking for coworking space is the standalone force behind their success. Sometimes a team is exactly what it takes to build the perfect business, so we’ve got you covered there too. With multi-person, affordable office spaces, we’re happy to fit teams anywhere from two to ten people.

Collaborate with your team in private, or split up for a bit in our open plan work areas. If the startup you’ve always dreamed of needs a place to work, a rented office space is ideal for sorting out your office dynamic and figuring out how much space you really need. Our private office suites give everyone the opportunity to work in peace and take their productivity to new heights.

Solo Houston Office Space

Sometimes, all you need is a personal office to get away from the crowds so you can focus on your work. Perfect for freelancers and solopreneurs, our fully-equipped Houston office spaces are significantly more affordable than a traditional office. You’ll still be able to enjoy our community events and building amenities, but with all the privacy and comfort of a personal office space!

Other Benefits

  • Lockable and Secure - Each office can be locked, and comes equipped with a variety of lockable spaces inside the office as well. We even include lockable file cabinets to help you stay organized and secure.

  • 24/7 Access - Wherever you fall on the early to bed, early to rise spectrum, you’ll be able to access your personal office space any time. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There’s also plenty of parking at our location, so you can feel secure finding a place and on the way home!

Get in Touch

Ready to jump into your Houston office space? Give us a call! We’ll be happy to tell you all about our different plans, options, and amenities.