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Not sure if you’re ready to commit to a permanent office space? For those looking into office space alternatives, consider our Virtual Plus membership. It combines a Virtual Business Address and Conference Room Access, along with one day per month of Hot Desk space. As one of our most affordable membership levels at The Ranch, it offers a good number of benefits for those looking to test the waters of coworking in a more complete capacity. With Virtual Plus, you get everything mentioned above as well as a few other non-workspace membership perks.

At the Ranch, we put in a lot of time to curate our community and promote the businesses that we work with. As a premier collaborative and coworking space, the Virtual Plus membership gives you access to the community, and a basic set of amenities and benefits at the Ranch Office

Virtual Business Address

While some are eager to stick to their home office, there are certain benefits to having an external address to list as a place of business. Whether it’s for mail, a potential meeting place for clients, or simply a way to preserve your privacy and separate work and home life, a virtual business address can be extremely valuable. 

Sometimes, members prefer to have a business address separate from their home address for the sake of appearing more professional. With the professional business address that we provide, your mail will arrive at the Ranch’s physical address. You’ll automatically get an update to let you know that your mail is available, and our Community Manager is always on hand to assist you. 

While our Virtual Plus membership gives you the virtual business address, it also provides a lot more. 

Plus So Much More

Conference Rooms

conference room rental houston

One of the main things you get out of a coworking space is the space itself. With this plan, you get access to member rates for conference rooms, which means you can book our conference rooms to host meetings when you need the extra space. Compared to setting a business meeting in your home or a coffee shop, the added professionalism of a fully equipped conference room can significantly boost perception. There’s also a degree of confidence that comes from working in a professional environment, where clients can meet you on a level field.

Beyond that, you won’t break the bank for the usage fees. At just $15 an hour for small rooms, or $25 an hour for larger conference rooms, you can schedule, plan, and host meetings for a remarkably comfortable cost.


Along with access to conference rooms, your membership opens up a set of amenities through the Ranch Office. With the once a month workspace included in the Virtual Plus plan or with conference room bookings, you’ll have access to our endless coffee and kitchen amenities as well as our always-available office staff. Of course, some of the most valuable opportunities we offer are the conferences, events, and meet-ups that each member is welcome to attend.

From small business owners and entrepreneurs to larger business operating satellite offices, we enjoy a diverse and increasingly interesting host of coworkers sharing our space. By opening events to every one of our members, we find that we’re able to facilitate growth, networking, and all sorts of professional development to the direct benefit of everyone that supports The Ranch and each other. 

The events we host are as varied as our coworkers. From welcome barbeques to introduce new coworkers joining The Ranch, to presentations and seminars hosted by some of the companies and local businesses that work with us. While a coworking space is, at the very basic level, simply another space to work, it also promotes a collaborative atmosphere with a free exchange of ideas and conversation. These events and everyone working at The Ranch strives to develop that culture, helping businesses grow and flourish in Houston.

The Value of Virtual Plus

For the professionalism and comfort of a business address, as well as the other membership perks, it’s just $69 a month. That makes the Virtual Plus plan our most affordable membership program, while still offering access to a great deal of what The Ranch provides for its team of coworkers. If you’re worried about committing to the cost of a full or permanent office space, coworking can be an excellent alternative. Split your time between home and office, or just stop by to pick up your mail from time to time. 

houston conference rooms

Join The Ranch

If you’re ready to take the next step with a virtual address and the community perks that come with being a member at The Ranch, let us know. We would love to discuss our Virtual Plus and other membership options and see how you could benefit from working at The Ranch Office. Contact us today