Private Offices Houston

Coworking spaces are great for connecting to a community and working in a collaborative environment. But what if you work best in a quiet space? Or if you’re so busy that you need to be hyper-focused in a distraction free environment? Or if your team needs space to collaborate on and off throughout the day? Many entrepreneurs, freelancers, and startup members crave the community of a coworking space but need the predictability and structure of a private office.

At The Ranch, we understand that sometimes, you just need walls. When you need some private space to work effectively, we have you covered. In addition to our bullpen-style community work spaces, we also offer private offices to meet the needs of every Houston business.

Best of Both Worlds

When you rent a private office at The Ranch, you get the best that alternative office space has to offer. At a lower price than traditional office rentals, The Ranch’s personal offices give you privacy, quiet, and a consistent workspace. Our flexible terms mean you won’t be locked into an expensive, long-term lease.

Plus, you still get all of the benefits of coworking like community, networking opportunities, and a dynamic, inspiring work environment. Your membership includes way more than an office. The Ranch staff will be there to help with things like printer jams and other technical issues, saving you valuable time. When you’re ready for a work break, you can grab a coffee or local brew and enjoy our porch and outdoor space.

Fully-Furnished with Standing Desk Options

Each private office comes fully furnished and equipped. You won’t lose money or work hours buying furniture or setting up your Ethernet or WiFi. Your personal office will have everything you need to start working immediately and comfortably.

And since we know that modern life leaves most of us sitting for way too long, we’re one of the first shared office spaces in Houston to offer height-adjusting standing desks.

Single-Person Private Offices in Houston

Our one-person private offices are perfect for Houston solopreneurs and freelancers who just need a space to work. You’ll get a fully-equipped private space for a fraction of the cost of a traditional office.

Multi-Person Private Office Suites in Houston

Some business owners worry that coworking spaces won’t work for multi-person teams. Most are concerned that they’ll distract other workers when they need to collaborate or that the team won’t be able to find space together at the worktables. Multi-person private offices solve these issues and provide the perfect alternative office space for you and your team.

Whether you need room for two people or ten, our multi-person private office suites will let your team collaborate in its own space while still giving everyone enough elbow room to work independently at their own desks. Our largest private offices accommodate up to ten people!

Lockable and Secure.

In addition to being able to lock your private office from the outside, you’ll also have various lockable spaces inside your office. Lockable file cabinets keep your valuables and documents secure, an especially useful feature in multi-person private offices.  

24/7 Access

Burning the midnight oil? Getting an early start to beat that Houston traffic? You can access your private office whenever you need to, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And with plenty of parking, you won’t have to worry about walking in the dark.

Get in Touch

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