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Houston Meeting Space

Professionals at every level need a place to hold meetings, conferences, and presentations. With a shift towards unconventional workspaces or professionals on the go, it’s rare to have a stable meeting space with all the necessary space and equipment. Fortunately, where coworking offers offices and an escape from the home, they also have excellent options for temporary meeting spaces!

The Ranch is excited to offer a Houston meeting space and meeting rooms for people that need a reliable place to make their pitch or update their clients. A rentable meeting space with The Ranch provides all the necessary equipment and room you need, while also being a convenient and as needed option for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

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Convenient, Affordable Houston Meeting Room

Whether you’re a regular member, or just looking for a one-time meeting space in Houston, The Ranch has a wide range of flexible options for people at any stage of their career. For example, with our Virtual Office space plan, you have access to an official work address and the ability to book space in our shared working space when you need it.

When it comes to meeting rooms and meeting space, you can reserve a time and space to guarantee access to a private, professional conference room or small office to hold meetings and host clients. At The Ranch, we’re invested in facilitating new ideas and growth in our community, so even if you’re just stopping in occasionally to hold you’re meetings, you might be interested in all that our community has to offer.

Come For The Meeting Space, Stay For The Community

While the option to occasionally rent the space you need is always on the table, you might just get hooked on all that we have to offer as an entire coworking space. In a purely functional way, we are just a bunch of rooms and spaces rented out to people that need them for the time being, but if you stick around you’ll see that it’s way more than that.

Coworking spaces are unique for their ability to generate social and professional relationships between people that may have never met in the traditional office settings. And it goes way beyond two separate departments mingling. You can be setting up for a presentation with investors for your new online business one minute, and then chatting about a new entrepreneurial venture in local tea houses over coffee. The kinds of people we see renting space are as varied as their careers, and there’s something uniquely productive about that. Whether you’re here to rub elbows or disappear in the crowd, The Ranch has space for you.

More Than Meets the Eye

Beyond the social and space benefits, members also have access to the wide array of amenities available throughout our bullpen style offices. With free coffee, fiber wifi, plenty of parking, and other office necessities, you’ll have everything you need to be at peak performance for your day to day workflow.

The Ranch also regularly hosts conferences, networking events, and a number of other get-togethers designed to bring together local businesses, entrepreneurs, and budding young professionals looking to build new relationships and experience all that Houston has to offer. This includes things like corporate training, entertainment, and all kinds of other opportunities to get to know the coworking community. So if you’re looking for the perfect Houston meeting space, The Ranch has all the angles covered.

On The Go

Even if you’re not in town for a long time, we can still accommodate your need for a clean, fully furnished Houston meeting space. Not everyone is settled into one place, and that’s alright! For those traveling, or in need of a temporary satellite meeting room, The Ranch can provide space to individuals or corporations looking to host their meetings or events with local branches or clients.

For the more practically minded business owners, the freedom and cost of simply renting a space as you need it excellent. You can significantly improve your ability to branch out into other cities and reduce overhead costs compared to traditional office spaces, while still having access to the various necessities. You’ll also be able to coordinate with the Ranch staff, making scheduling and organizing your Houston meeting space a breeze.

Join Our Coworking Space Today

If you’re looking for the perfect time to join our coworking collective, that time is now. For an ideal Houston meeting space or any of our other coworking accommodations, give us a call and learn about our member plans, upcoming events and more. We can’t wait to hear from you!