Internet Terms

The Ranch Office provides Internet access to Members via a shared wireless network connection. For those Members wishing to implement a private wired network, you may request to install a firewall device for your exclusive access and use. You will be responsible for installation and removal of the same. Prior to any such installation or removal, you shall coordinate with the Ranch Office team to discuss the actual setup, appropriate time, manner and means for such installation or removal and any additional fees that may result from the request. To the extent that we incur any costs in connection with such installation or removal, which are not otherwise paid by you, we shall deduct such costs from the Service Retainer. You shall also be responsible for any monthly fees incurred relating to your private, secured wired network.

We provide fiber high-speed wifi to our members who have access to The Ranch Office booked or included in their membership. You understand that we may periodically experience internet outages, or other interruptions of internet service. You accept and acknowledge this, and agree that we are not responsible for any negative consequences that interruptions of service may have to your business.