Houston Virtual Business Address

One of the greatest benefits of a virtual office space is the professional address you gain for your business. At The Ranch in Houston, you’ll avoid the high prices of Houston office spaces while still lending legitimacy to your company’s operations. And since we do things right, we offer more than other Houston business address rentals.

The Trouble with Using Your Home Address as Your Business Address

If you haven’t been paying for a traditional office space, you’ve probably been using your home address for your business. While this can work in the short term, you may notice some problems arise as your business grows.

Notably, some apartments and HOAs have provisions against running certain business from home, and using your home address as your business address could mean you’re breaking those rules. While this may seem like a trivial restriction, you could unknowingly violate your lease or end up hefty HOA fees.

As your business grows, so does the volume of mail you receive. Getting your first piece of mail related to your business might have been a thrill initially, but that excitement quickly wears off when your kitchen table is constantly buried under envelopes. If you’re getting tired of your business mail invading your home but can’t afford an office, a virtual business address through the Ranch lets you separate life and work again.

Privacy is another concern for those basing their headquarters at home. Depending on the amount of mail you send and receive, that’s potentially a lot of people who are privy to the location of your home.

Most importantly, a home address for your business simply doesn’t carry the same credibility as an office address. At a certain point, you’re looking to build your business’s legitimacy and reputation in every way you can. The fact is without a true business address, you may not be communicating the actual value and credibility of your company. If your startup, small business, or one-man-show is outgrowing living at home, it’s time get a business address.

A Virtual Business Address Benefits Your Business and Your Budget

With traditional offices, a Houston business address is out of reach for a lot of startups and small businesses. Even if you do have the budget to rent an office, you may not want to spend the money if you’re doing fine operating your business without a private office space.

A virtual address for your business will give you everything you need and nothing you don’t. You can gain credibility with a Houston business address without actually having to pay rent.

What You Get with a Business Address at The Ranch

At the Ranch, you get a business address in Houston that’s easy on your bottom line and helps build your company’s image and credibility. Getting your mail here is hassle-free. Your mail arrives at our physical address, our system automatically notifies you via email, and you can collect it whenever you come to use your work space. Our shared receptionist is always on site during work hours to make sure that your mail and packages get to the right places, saving you headaches and valuable time.

Sending mail to the Ranch easy. Your recipients will see your Houston business address, keeping your home address as private as it should be. Plus, with a virtual address at The Ranch, you get more than just a mail service. Our most basic membership, the Virtual Plus membership, brings you into the community too. With one “work day” included per month, you also have access to our amenities like the outdoor patio, really good coffee, and the ability to book conference rooms. And with our flexible memberships, you aren’t locked into an expensive lease just to gain a Houston business address.

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If you’re ready to invest in a virtual address for your business, we’re here to help. Call or email us today to learn about our membership options and discover how a Houston business address is only one of the ways The Ranch Office can help your business.